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What are the main wear parts of the conveyor belt

Apr 02, 2021

1. The friction between the frame and the conveyor belt, the conveyor belt will deviate due to defects caused by the manufacture, installation, and use of the conveyor. When the deviation is too large, the conveyor belt will contact the roller bracket and the frame. Causes the edge rubber to wear and even makes the conveyor belt flanging.
2. The friction between the baffle of the guide trough and the conveyor belt. The abrasion of the baffle on the conveyor belt is a special kind of wear. If the design method of the baffle is improved and maintenance is paid attention to, this kind of wear can almost be prevented.
3. The friction between the roller and the conveyor belt, the bottom covering rubber of the conveyor belt is also subject to the friction of the self-aligning roller and the forward-inclined trough roller, at the transition section from the trough roller to the roller and the convex curve of the conveyor Wear occurs everywhere.
4. The friction between the cleaner and the conveyor belt. The wear caused by the cleaner on the conveyor belt is usually uniform, but when using a harder steel plate as the cleaning plate, if the method of use is improper, the rubber other than the dirt will be cut off. , When foreign matter between the cleaner tip and the conveyor belt enters, it will also mark a deep scar on the entire length of the conveyor belt.
The above are the parts where the conveyor belt is often worn during use. During installation and use, the friction of these parts must be minimized to extend the service life of the conveyor belt.