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How should the pvc baffle conveyor belt be maintained daily?

Mar 02, 2021

How should the pvc baffle conveyor belt be maintained daily? The machine is the same as the car, and it must be regularly maintained after it has not been running for a period of time, and the conveyor belt is the same! Today we will talk about what aspects should be paid attention to in the daily use of the baffle conveyor belt to reduce our maintenance times.

PVC baffle conveyor belt

1. Change the roller of the conveyor from a claw pulley to a roller. Generally, most of the conveyor belt tears are caused by excessive local force of the claw pulley on the conveyor belt when starting.

2. Improvement and optimization of the blanking hopper. Prevent the material from directly hitting the conveyor belt vigorously, and prevent the material from being stuck between the falling hopper and the conveyor belt and causing the conveyor belt to tear.

3. It is forbidden to start the conveyor with materials, and it is forbidden to shut down the conveyor with residual materials.

4. According to the different characteristics of the conveying material, select the appropriate conveyor belt. Prevent the conveyor belt from being corroded and torn by unsuitable materials.