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Advantages of bag packing machine

Aug 10, 2021

The packaging machine is fast and efficient.
The BYTD type big bag packaging machine has a packaging speed of 40-60 bags/hour (1 ton bag) for materials with better fluidity. For materials with poor fluidity, the packaging speed is 20-40 bags/hour (1 ton bag).
The weighing accuracy is high.
The weighing part of the BYTD big bag packaging machine adopts the most advanced weighing sensor in China. Under the premise of a packaging speed of 40-50 bags/hour, the weighing can stably guarantee an accuracy of ±0.2%.
The dust control effect is good.
During the working period of the packaging machine, no dust leakage is visible to the naked eye. The environmental indicators of the work site meet the requirements of the national labor hygiene standards. Because its dust collection part adopts packaging and feeding synchronously, and is equipped with secondary dust collection.
Strong ability to handle materials.
Regardless of the fluidity of the material, the packaging machine can stably and reliably feed and weigh.
A variety of packaging bag transportation methods.
After the packaging is completed, the packaging bag automatically falls on the bag-receiving conveyor belt or rail car, and is transported to the designated location. It can also provide forklift transportation, multi-unit conveyor, chain plate, belt and other conveying methods. Users can choose to use it according to various factors such as degree of automation, production efficiency, and project investment.
Process flow of BYTD type big bag packaging machine
When the equipment is in the standby state, the operator first hangs the 4 slings of the packaging bag on the 4 hooks, and then sets the feeding opening of the packaging bag on the sealed lower barrel. At this time, you can start the bag clamping and sealing switch, clamp the bag mouth on the feeding tube, and then start the feeding switch, the packaging machine will automatically enter the working procedure: fast feeding-rising and shaping, increasing density-falling-entering medium and slow Feeding procedure-stop feeding when the rated weight is reached-the hanging bag part drops to the conveyor (hook off hook)-the conveyor starts automatically-the conveyor stops automatically when it reaches the end. The above process is automatically controlled by the programmable weighing controller. The steps in between can also be manually operated manually.
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