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Advantages of Cup Packing vs. Spiral Packing | auger conveyor

Feb 16, 2022

auger conveyor
In the vast majority of cases, the packaging application determines the type of filler and sealer needed to properly handle the item. However, sometimes the machine is chosen by the supplier or end user based on preference. As with auger fillers and rotating cup fillers, some products can easily run on both, while others are of course better suited for auger fillers than cup fillers and vice versa.
Cup fillers are often overlooked in favor of screw fillers. The general rule of thumb for cup fillers is that the product needs to be free-flowing, granular and consistent in shape. Products like coffee beans, rice, kidney beans, showerheads, some hard candies are great for filling in cups. Of course, some of these products will be great screw fillers; however, the aforementioned products can be faster and often more accurate one-cup filling machine times.
If fill rate is your main priority, look no further than cup filling. Cup fillers circulate faster than screw fillers and the product enters the container faster. Typically, in most cup filling applications, all filling is attempted to 1-2% accuracy.
Even though screw fillers and cup fillers can run a shared product, screw fillers can run a wider range of products and will perform relatively well compared to cup fillers. If the product has any non-free-flowing characteristics or if it's dusty at all, screw packing is the absolute way to go. Of course, all fills always offer free lab testing so you can best decide which machine is best for your job.