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Advantages of foam packaging | Foam Packing Machine

Jun 28, 2021

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1. Light weight. Part of the space of EPS packaging products is replaced by gas, which contains 3-6 million independent closed bubbles per cubic decimeter volume. So it's several to dozens of times larger than plastic.
2. It can absorb impact load. When the packing product of EPS is subjected to impact loading, the gas in the foam is dissipated and dissipated by stagnation and compression, and the foam body gradually terminates the impact load with smaller negative acceleration. Therefore, it has better shockproof effect.
3. Good heat insulation. The thermal conductivity is the weighted average of pure EPS thermal conductivity (108cal / M.H. ℃) and air thermal conductivity (about 90cal / M.H. ℃).
4. Good sound insulation. There are two ways to improve the sound insulation of EPS products. One is to absorb sound energy and reduce reflection and transmission; The second is to eliminate resonance and reduce noise.
5, anti-aging and corrosion resistance. In addition to long-term exposure to high-energy radiation, the product has no obvious aging phenomenon. It can withstand many chemical substances, such as dilute acid, dilute alkali, methanol, lime, asphalt, etc.