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All kinds of custom-made bucket elevator

Jan 14, 2021

The bucket elevator consists of many buckets attached to a chain with sprockets located at the to and bottom of the unit . It provides an efficient means to vertical transportation for products like sugar , chips , coffee beans , nuts and other free-flowing materials.

Rainbow Machinery is a professional designer and manufacturer of all kinds of customized bucket elevator for more than 6 years . We recommend the right type of bucket elevator based on customer’s material , space ,capacity and process requirements , ect .

The advantages of our bucket elevators are below :
  1. Stainless steel sanitary construction , 90-degree
  2. Food grade buckets(flat or dimpled)
  3. Stainless steel contact parts
  4. Safety tool-less removal of buckets
  5. Automatic stop & start sensor control with filling from hopper or to scale
  6. Easy to operate & easy to clean
  7. Caster for easy positioning
  8. Wide range of options including indexing , intergral feeders, covers , multiple discharge locations.
According to the actual material , we have different buckets for choosing , including food grade PP bucket , 304 stainless steel bucket and also providing different sizes buckets to match different production capacity.

bucket elevator
bucket elevator