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Automatic vacuum packaging machine assembly line production, one can save 20 labor

Jan 29, 2022

Did you know that a packaging line can save 20 labors? How does this fully automatic packaging line achieve such labor saving?
1. Higher efficiency of automated production

The traditional food packaging line requires manual participation in every production link. For example, before a food is packaged, if a traditional semi-automatic double-chamber vacuum packaging machine is used, the following links are required.

1. In the bagging process, the products are mainly put into the packaging bags manually.

2. In the vacuum sealing process, the packaged products need to be placed in the vacuum chamber for vacuum sealing.

3. The product after vacuuming is manually taken out from the vacuum chamber, and then placed in a new product to achieve vacuum sealing.

Each of the traditional packaging lines requires manual participation. If you encounter products that require quantitative packaging, you need to manually weigh the products and then put them into packaging bags. A fully automatic vacuum packaging machine can realize all these operations, and the whole process can realize unmanned automatic production, which saves all the labor required by the traditional assembly line, which not only improves work efficiency but also saves labor costs.

The reason why the automatic vacuum packaging machine can realize automatic assembly line production is mainly because almost every link of the whole machine is controlled by mechanization in the operation process, and the machine replaces the labor to complete various operations, and each of these The operation process is controlled by the computer PLC general control system, such as the bag-type automatic vacuum packaging machine. The entire production process includes automatic bagging, automatic bag opening, automatic feeding, automatic vacuum sealing, and automatic conveyor belt output. . The whole operation process can be adjusted arbitrarily. After the parameters are set, the power supply can be turned on with one key, and the automatic assembly line production can be realized.