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Automatic vacuum packaging machine | Vacuum packaging machine purchase

Mar 22, 2022

Automatic vacuum packaging machine

When purchasing vacuum packaging machines commonly used in food packaging, which one do you pay more attention to in terms of production capacity and packaging effect? ​​Faced with these different types of vacuum packaging machines, how should we choose?
The type of vacuum packaging machine is divided according to its production capacity, packaging requirements and packaging effect. When purchasing a vacuum packaging machine, we need to make corresponding choices from these aspects. The specific selection method is as follows .
1. Judging production capacity
The working capacity and production specifications of food processing enterprises are linked to each other. In the development process of food enterprises, in the purchase of vacuum packaging machines, corresponding choices need to be made according to actual needs. Here, it is recommended to adopt a progressive selection method. If the enterprise is small and medium-sized, you can choose a general-purpose double-chamber vacuum packaging machine. Although this model is not as productive as a large-scale automatic vacuum packaging machine, it can be said to be called a food processing enterprise because of its wide range of applications. A standing model, with the increase of enterprise specifications, this general-purpose double-chamber vacuum packaging machine can no longer meet the production capacity. You can choose a rolling vacuum packaging machine. This model uses a conveyor belt to continuously output products, and the production capacity is It is 2-3 times of the double-chamber vacuum packaging machine, but it is still worse than the automatic vacuum packaging machine in terms of production capacity, because the bagging process still needs to be done manually. This kind of rolling vacuum packaging machine can realize high-capacity production by adopting multiple parallel production methods according to the increase in production capacity. With the increase in production capacity, this rolling vacuum packaging machine cannot meet its production needs. You can consider a fully automatic vacuum packaging machine, which is the type of vacuum packaging machine used in the fully automatic assembly line production mentioned above. The whole equipment is equivalent to a production line, such as some casual small packages of dried bean curd, beef jerky, fish tofu and other foods, which can reach a working capacity of 10,000 bags per hour, which is also impossible for other types of vacuum packaging machines. of.
Second, determine the packaging form
The same type of product, which is packaged in different packaging forms, presents a different feeling to consumers. When purchasing a vacuum packaging machine, we can choose the packaging form according to its product positioning and product packaging requirements. Consider two aspects.
1. Product positioning
The product positioning is well understood, that is, it depends on the consumer's spending power. For example, steak products are commonly used in the market. There are two types of packaging, one is vacuum packaging, the other is vacuum body packaging, vacuum-packed steaks It is relatively common. The outer packaging adopts vacuum bags or vacuum films, while the steaks in vacuum body packaging are mainly aimed at some consumers who have high requirements for the freshness of steaks. These two packaging forms can be seen from the outer packaging alone. It can be concluded that the steak after vacuum body packaging can better show the grade of the steak.
2. Packaging requirements
This packaging requirement will be different for each food processing company. Take the stretch film vacuum packaging machine as a type of automatic vacuum packaging machine. This model can achieve single-sided stretching and double-sided stretching. Different packaging forms are not difficult to ideal literally, that is, when the film is stretched, one is single-sided stretching, that is, only the lower film is stretched, and the other is double-sided. Stretching, that is, stretching the upper and lower films at the same time, these two packaging forms can be distinguished by looking at the actual product at a glance.