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Food conveyor belt

Feb 23, 2022

Food safety has always been the focus of everyone's attention. In the food safety meeting, he said: "Whether you can give the people a satisfactory explanation on food safety is a major test for the ability to govern." Food safety is related to everyone's health. So, what kind of conveyor belt should be used in food processing, production and packaging logistics?
In food production and processing, it will be in close contact with the conveyor belt, so the conveyor belt used needs to meet the requirements of food grade. Usually, the first choice for food grade conveyor belts is PU material. In addition, due to the different stages of food production and processing, it is also necessary to consider whether it needs to meet the requirements of oil resistance, wear resistance, and cutting resistance. Of course, these need to be selected according to the actual use environment.
In addition to the production and processing links of food, there are also packaging and logistics links. Since these two links do not need to be in direct contact with food, the requirements for the conveyor belt used in the packaging and logistics links are not so high, and PVC conveyor belts are generally used instead.
There are many varieties of conveyor belts used in the food industry, and the above is only a part of them. You can choose a suitable food conveyor belt according to your own use environment and needs.