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How Auger Conveyor Works

Apr 26, 2022

The working principle of Auger Conveyor is that the rotating screw blade pushes the material for conveying by the screw conveyor, and the force that prevents the material from rotating with the screw conveyor blade is the weight of the material itself and the frictional resistance of the screw conveyor casing to the material. The spiral blade welded on the rotating shaft of the screw conveyor, the surface type of the blade has solid surface type, belt type surface type, blade surface type and other types according to the different conveying materials. Auger Conveyor's screw shaft has a thrust bearing at the end of the material moving direction to give the screw axial reaction force with the material. When the captain is long, an intermediate hanging bearing should be added.
(1) Auger Conveyor's helical blades have three types: solid helical surface type, belt type helical surface type and blade helical surface type. The solid spiral surface is called the s method, which is suitable for conveying powdery and granular materials. The belt helical surface is also known as the D method. The blade type helical surface is rarely used, and is mainly used for conveying materials with high viscosity and compressibility. During the conveying process, the stirring and mixing processes are completed at the same time, and the helical pitch is about 1.2 times the diameter of the helical blade.
(2) Auger Conveyor's spiral blades have two rotation directions: left-handed and right-handed.
(3) The types of Auger Conveyor include horizontal fixed screw conveyor, vertical stacking rotary conveyor; conveyor. Horizontal fixed screw conveyor is the most commonly used type. The vertical screw conveyor is used to lift materials in a short distance. The conveying height is generally not more than 8m. The screw blade is a solid surface type.
(4) At the material outlet end of Auger Conveyor, 1/2 to 1 circle of reverse swirl blades should be set to prevent powder from clogging the end.
(5) Auger Conveyor consists of three parts: screw machine body, inlet and outlet and drive device. The screw machine body consists of a head bearing, a tail bearing, a suspension bearing, a screw, a casing, a cover plate and a base. The driving device consists of a motor, a reducer, a coupling shaft and a base.