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Linear Weigher Functions and Features

Aug 20, 2022

The linear weigher can be divided into various materials, such as small particles, miscellaneous grains, powdery materials, etc. The linear weigher control system is modularly designed, the equipment maintenance is simple and fast, and the cost is low. The touch screen software can be upgraded through U disk, and the data storage function is powerful.

linear weigher features:

Factory parameter setting recovery function;

Waterproof and dustproof design

Nonconforming product exclusion function

Hundreds of group product parameters can be preset

Each bucket can be used as a single scale

A variety of materials can be mixed, weighed and packaged

linear weigher features:

Modular design of control system, simple and fast equipment maintenance, low cost, touch screen software can be upgraded through U disk

The linear weigher is suitable for weighing various granules, powders and other relatively uniform materials, such as: sugar, rice, chicken essence, seeds, salt, milk powder, coffee powder, seasoning powder and other materials