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Maintenance tips for rubber conveyor belts.

Apr 26, 2021

In the daily use of the conveyor belt, damage to the conveyor belt caused by improper maintenance often occurs, which causes the conveyor belt to tear. Therefore, if you want to avoid these problems, you must pay attention to maintenance during normal use. So, what are the tips for rubber conveyor belt maintenance?

1. When a customer purchases a rubber conveyor belt, we need to provide a complete operating manual and video explanation, usually free on-site installation and debugging.

2. Provide free explanation and training to the relevant maintenance personnel of the customer to ensure the normal operation of the machine in the future.

3. Improve the drop hopper of industrial conveyor belt. This is one of the effective measures to prevent the early damage of the rubber conveyor belt. Improve the drop hopper at the transition point of each belt conveyor to increase the ability to pass foreign objects by 2.5 times, so that long and large foreign objects will not be easily caught between the funnel wall and the conveyor belt during the conveying process, thereby reducing foreign objects The probability of tearing the conveyor belt. The guide skirt plate at the blanking hopper makes the gap between the conveyor belt and the conveyor belt larger and larger along the running direction of the conveyor belt, which solves the problem of coal blocks and gift blocks stuck between the conveyor belt and the language board, so it can avoid the transportation caused by With damage. For hoppers with large drops, buffer baffles can be installed inside to prevent materials from directly impacting the conveyor belt.

The above is the maintenance tips for rubber conveyor belts, which can prolong the service life of the conveyor belt and save finished products.