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Nuts Packing Machine | Vacuum packaging machine helps to double the sales of dried fruit

Mar 29, 2022

Nuts Packing Machine

Improper storage of nut products will produce some substances that are not conducive to people's health. Nuts packaged by vacuum packaging machines can avoid such phenomena, and dried fruits packaged by vacuum packaging machines will allow consumers to Eating more at ease.
When packaging dried fruit, first determine the type of dried fruit, such as dried fruit products. At present, dried fruit types include dried fruit, freeze-dried fruit, etc. When packaging these two types of dried fruits, they need to be treated differently. Preserved fruits can be directly vacuum-packed. Products such as dried mangoes and dried sweet potatoes use this packaging method. For freeze-dried fruit products, such as freeze-dried strawberries, freeze-dried banana chips and other dried fruit products, they are crispy products. It is obviously inappropriate to directly use vacuum packaging. , Generally, the packaging is directly sealed in a three-dimensional bag.
Dried fruits like dried fruits, such as walnut kernels, almonds, sunflower seeds, etc., are currently packaged in two common packaging methods on the market, one is directly sealed packaging, and the other is packaged. It is vacuum packed. At first, the packaging of dried fruit food was directly sealed and bagged, but as consumers pay more and more attention to food issues, some businesses will use vacuum packaging to package dried fruit food, which not only can Avoiding the formation of various harmful human substances in food, and prolonging the shelf life of dried fruits, this is a best of both worlds choice for food merchants and consumers, and consumers are more willing to pay for their own health and choose more secure products. Dried fruit in vacuum packaging. This is also the main reason why changing a packaging method can drive sales.