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Nuts Packing Machine|What styles are available in Nuts Packing Machine?

May 31, 2022

1. Self-pickup nut packaging
Self-pickup nut packaging is the most popular basic type of nut packaging in the market. When the box is folded flat during transportation, it ensures the integrity of the package during transportation and saves shipping costs. After receiving it, consumers can fold the top to form a self-lifting package, which is convenient to carry.
2. Bottom nut packaging
The bottom box is actually a box type that is not commonly used by many manufacturers, which wastes materials. His characteristic lies in the complete product promotion on the whole above. Various nuts are put together into a heart shape. At the same time, deep embossing and UV technology are used, which is very three-dimensional.
3. Roof type nut packaging
This kind of larger nut packaging is mainly used for mixed models, with six or seven kinds of nuts in it, and the weight is about 1.5kg. Consumers buy this kind of nut packaging mainly for gifts, so the main color of the design is often bright red, which is festive and peaceful. The material is generally white cardboard to mounted corrugated paper.
4. Flat-mouth nut packaging
The materials and processes that can be used for the flat-mouth nut packaging and the roof-type nut packaging are the same. Flat mouth packaging is more convenient for logistics and transportation. These two box types can be selected according to your own preferences, but you need to save a little material for the roof under the same size. If you don’t have a lot of interiors, use the roof type to make the box look plump.
Five, special-shaped nut packaging
With the development of printing technology, all kinds of novel packaging come to the market. This packaging produced by nut packaging manufacturer packaging uses a combination of corrugated material and cardboard. The inner box is made of cardboard and corrugated paper, and the cover is made of gold cardboard.
six. Book-style nut packaging
This nut gift box produced by Jixin Packaging is a book box, which is made of 2.0 cardboard and mounted on 157 coated paper. The price of the book type has increased a lot due to the material and production process. At the same time, this kind of nut packaging must be carried with a handbag.
Seven, hollow nut packaging
The front cloth of the box adopts the effect of window patch. Consumers can directly see the contents. Highlight the texture of the product.

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