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Precautions for the use of rubber conveyor belts.

May 18, 2021

1. When using rubber conveyor belts, it is strictly forbidden to connect belts of different types and specifications together.

2. Prevent folds and hard objects from being pressed when using rubber conveyor belts. It should be used and kept in coiling.

3. The direction of transporting materials and the falling speed of materials are consistent with the direction and speed of the belt.

4. Before using the rubber conveyor belt, generally start the machine empty to avoid overloading the motor and slipping of the conveyor belt. Before stopping, all the materials of the belt should be unloaded.

5. The tension of the rubber conveyor belt should not be too large when in use. It should work under a slight tension on the premise that it does not slip with the drive roller and the material is not transitioned.

6. Do not cause the belt to run off or snaking during transportation, it should be adjusted in time.

7. If the rubber conveyor belt slips or cannot be pulled during use, troubleshoot the fault in time, adjust the tensioning system, and keep the tensioning device flexible.