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Preventing Dust Explosion Problems in Bucket Elevators

Jul 18, 2022

There is a serious problem with the bucket elevator. It generates a high concentration of dust when loading and unloading materials, and this situation is likely to cause a dust explosion.
  Conditions for dust blasting: a certain range of dust concentration, confined space, sufficient oxygen, and ignition source. All the above conditions are satisfied, as long as there is an ignition source, dust explosion will occur. If the bucket elevator is in poor operating condition, the possibility of sparks exists at any time. The main reasons are as follows:
(1) If there are metallic impurities in the grain flow, sparks may occur due to collision and friction with the bucket during its flow;

(2) The belt slipping time is too long, it is easy to make the pulley generate heat and reach the ignition point of the dust cloud

(3) If the bucket or screw is dropped, it may rub against other parts and sparks may occur;

(4) The bearing is overheated and reaches the ignition point of the dust cloud;

(5) ;If the belt of the bucket elevator rubs against the casing, sparks may occur;

(6) The open flame from the outside enters the bucket elevator to ignite the dust, etc.

Dust explosion-proof method:

1. Scientific suction position and suction volume
(1) Keep the negative pressure in the bucket elevator so that the dust does not overflow;
(2) Absorb the dust generated at the dust generating point.

2. Eliminate fire sources
There are two main aspects of the original trap of the fire source:
(1) There is a fault in the operation of the bucket elevator, resulting in the occurrence of sparks;
(2) Poor management and the involvement of open flames.

3. The suction position and suction volume of the machine head
The bucket elevator should be equipped with a suction port at the head, which can effectively control the dust concentration in the bucket elevator and reduce the occurrence of dust explosions.