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The working principle of machine packing machine

Oct 08, 2021

To achieve packaging automation, the first and most important step is to define the process. A high-quality work project is based on the characteristics of the process, not based on the automation equipment to determine the final design plan. When defining this process, the three key factors that need to be considered are the product and packaging structure, total production volume, and labor factors.
1. Product/packaging structure
The structure design of the product/package directly affects the required automatic manipulator and the form of material transportation and processing. The structural size, shape, material and weight of the product/package will determine the structural design of the end-operator and the demand for the payload of the robot. The structural design of packaging parts with complex shape features, such as oval packaging containers, has more difficult orientation problems than standard round or square packaging parts. The targeted requirements that increase the complexity of the system should be carefully studied and analyzed before processing and implementation. In the case of filling the box, the robot end automatic manipulator generally provides a process, that is, it can grasp a sufficient amount of product and fill a complete box at one time. In this way, the moving distance of the automatic manipulator is reduced as much as possible and the products on the conveyor belt or production line are kept moving continuously.
2. Product production throughput
The main driving force to promote packaging automation design lies in the total throughput of product production. The faster the production line, the application of automatic grippers and sorting devices will help reduce the workload of the robot, and the fewer standard robots that follow the package may be. The speed of the production line not only affects the automated equipment that handles the product, but also affects the labeling operation and visual inspection. In order to achieve effective visual inspection technology, several related issues must be indicated. These include: part graphics consistency, inspection repeatability, transfer speed consistency (such as fluctuations in the production line), the number of inspections that need to be completed, and appropriate software programs. These factors prominently affect the form and cost of a visual system. According to general rules, if the number of detections is larger, the video will run faster, which will lead to more complex and expensive structural solutions. When the video device and the automatic mechanism are combined into one, the entire robot can continuously and consistently and repeatably realize the orientation and display of the package.
3. Labor or human factors
The operation of automated packaging equipment is the result of continuous and effective cooperation, communication and interaction between management, engineering and production departments. All relevant personnel and technical departments must be gathered in a closely united collective-this collective acts together in accordance with the established work process-one by one with the same goal as the driving force and a strategic way to reflect a kind of cohesion.
machine packing machine