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Use and classification of small bucket elevator

Sep 10, 2021

Bucket elevator is used for continuous conveying equipment for conveying powder, granular and small block materials vertically or at a large inclination angle. The advantages of bucket elevators are simple and compact structure, small cross-sectional dimensions, which can significantly save floor space; large lifting height; good airtightness, which can avoid environmental pollution.
Structure and working principle:
The closed traction member is wound around the upper and lower sprockets, and is tightened by the tensioning device on the base through the lower reversing sprockets, and is driven by the upper driving device. The material enters from the lower inlet, and the hopper lifts the material to the upper part. When the hopper bypasses the upper sprocket, the material is thrown out under the action of gravity and centrifugal force, and is transported to the silo or other equipment through the discharge port. middle. The hoist forms an endless closed loop with an ascending load branch and a descending unloaded return branch.
Classification method of bucket elevator
1. According to the direction of conveying materials, it is divided into vertical type and inclined type.

2. According to the unloading method, it is divided into centrifugal, gravity and mixed.

3. According to the charging method, it can be divided into digging type and inflow type.

4. According to the form of loading, it is divided into deep bucket type, shallow bucket type and pointed bucket type.

5. According to the form of traction member, it is divided into belt type (TD type) and chain type. The chain type is divided into ring chain type (TH), plate chain type (NE) and so on.

6. According to the working characteristics, it is divided into heavy, medium and light.

7. According to the movement speed of the hopper, it is divided into a fast hoist and a slow hoist. The former uses centrifugal discharge, and the latter uses gravity or warm discharge.
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