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Multi Lines VFFS Packing Machine
Multi Lines VFFS Packing Machine
  • Multi Lines VFFS Packing Machine

Multi Lines VFFS Packing Machine

Applicable bag type: a variety of stick pack, standard pillow bag or irregular bag, four sides sealed bag. 
Applicable film materials: Avariety of laminated films, aluminum film, paper film, film thickness range 0.07mm~0.1mm.
Applicable packing materials: All kinds of fine powder, small granule, liquid and gel, such as coffee powder, spice powder, milk powder, sugar, salt, pepper, honey liquid, oil liquid, shampoo, ketchup, etc.

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Product Details


PLC control, man machine interface, easy to operate and maintain.

Equiped with servo motor and optical tracking devices to keep high accuracy.

The frame of machine is made of stainless steel #304. equiped with auto-stop protection function when open the door.
multi lines vffs packing machine


Item No. DB300 DB450 DB600 DB800
Packing Lines 2~6 lines 3~8 lines 4~10 lines 5~10 lines
Film Width 90~300mm 300~450mm 450~600mm 600~800mm
Bag Size Range

L: 60~18mm

W: 17~60mm

L: 60~180mm

W: 17~60mm

L: 60~180mm

W: 17~60mm

L: 60~180mm

W: 17~60mm

Each Line 

Packing Speed

25~45bags/min 25~45bags/min 25~45bags/min 25~45bags/min
Gas Pression 0.6MPa 0.6MPa 0.6MPa 0.6MPa
Gas Consumption 0.5m³/min 0.6m³/min 0.9m³/min 1m³/min
Power Requirement 6KW/220V/50(60)Hz 7.5KW/220V/50(60)Hz 10.5KW/220V/50(60)Hz 11KW/220V/50(60)Hz
Machine Size(mm) L*W*H=1300*1900*1750 L*W*H=1500*1900*1750 L*W*H=1650*1900*1750 L*W*H=1850*1900*1750
Machine Weight 680KG 600KG 700KG 800KG

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